Anand Upender
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Hi there! My name is Anand. I'm a designer, tinkerer, and aspiring chef based in Stanford, CA. I believe in vibrant communities and am a sucker for old fashioned malt milkshakes

I'm a senior at Stanford and excited for what the future holds. I spent two amazing summers working with the design nerds at IDEO CoLab, then worked on a storytelling feature for the elderly at Facebook. In between I worked at a YC-backed sous vide hardware company called Cinder

At Stanford, I lead a team of students to conduct unconventional automobile research with the Ford Innovation Center, I manage the Stanford Robotics Club as their president, and I play trumpet in a quirky, democratic chamber orchestra.

In my free time I make minimalist wallets and mess around with Arduinos. In 2015, I created and curated a TEDx in my hometown that is still running today. Experimental cooking is pretty cool.

Want to build something together? Reach out!