Hi! I'm Anand.

Currently: Design Lead of Civic at TED

After graduating from Stanford, I started a leap year focused on refining my design craft (more here). To be continued... Before that, I was a design/engineering intern at Facebook, IDEO CoLab, and Cinder. Generally, I'm fascinated by intentionally designed Web Experiences, Emotional Spaces, Foods, Stories, and Communities.

Hi! I'm Anand.

Currently the Design Lead of Civic at TED. Interested in the design of Spaces, Web Experiences, Foods, and Communities.

Family Room
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Web Development and User Research

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Digital Design and Brand Strategy

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Full-Stack Engineering and Brand

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Visual Design and Leadership

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Industrial Design and Manufacturing

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Machine Learning and User Research

Work Stream

An un-collection of unexplained visual work. Give me a call to talk through the projects behind the photos.