Recent live sites

A collection of recent web experiences I've designed and coded, for work and play

TEDx Logo Generator 🔧

a tool to support thousands of global TEDx organizers

York Street Cafe ☕️

a new cafe's marketing site

Just Some Folks 🍳

my popup's event site

Paolo Bicchieri ✍️

a portfolio site for a food writer & poet


a comprehensive Webflow site for a new nonprofit

Panoptic 💸

a homepage refresh for a de-fi startup

Healthy Internet Project 💻

a landing page for a TED-incubated team

Stanford Course 🎓

a course site for the class, Designing Organizational Culture

Music Visualizers 🎵

a playground of musical sketches made with p5.js

Glimpses of 2020 📸

a reflective photo journal of fleeting moments of 2020

Personal Portfolio v.1

the predecessor to this site

Selected work

In-depth case studies and project summaries of recent UX projects

Case study
Fighting misinformation

Lead Designer and User Researcher

A TED initiative to help create a global community that can collectively make the internet a healthier place!

Case study
Discussing big ideas

UX Engineer

A usable and delightful tool that has enabled thousands of community events hosts to create 17,000+ events

Project summary
Branding a new TED initiative

Brand Designer and Developer

A cohesive brand identity for a TED-incubated team

Project Archive

These are the older projects and collaborations that didn't make it into full case studies.
They include academic research projects, experiments with OpenGL, metal-working, and leading cross functional teams.


Lathed a portable milkshake machine from solid Aluminum and have used it hundreds of times.


Directed and hosted a Food Waste conference at Stanford

Family Room

Designed and tested a tool to let family's capture intergenerational stories through audio

Computer Music Experiences

Worked in Ge Wang's sublime aesthetics course to create interactive, audio-visual experiences that speak to people.

IDEO CoLab Fellowship

Two summer-long projects with IDEO's nerdy research and development team. "Don't get ready, get started!"

Scientific Research Metaphors

Worked in Dr. Erin MacDonald's IRIS lab, using metaphors and comics to convey intetllectually complex research papers.

stanFORD Mobility Project

Led a team between Dr. Barbara Karanian and the Ford Innovation Center to research the future of multimodal, urban transportation.

Autonomous robot

Built an optimized robot to solve a pre-designed maze with an electrically and mechanically efficient system.

The Piqo Wallets

Created and currently use 30 minimalist wallets with exploratory materials from wood to spandex.

Stanford LED Fountain

Worked with 15 eager freshmen to recreate the joy of jumping in a fountain in a drought, with LEDs.

Shun-Inspired Flashlight

Created a flashlight inspired by the brand of the over 100 year-old Japanese Chef Knife company, Shun.