Aug - Nov 2019


Brand Strategy

Web Development

Visual Design


After Effects




Chris Christensen

Anders Bang

and many more!

Fun Fact

In my last week, I organized a team Iron Chef competition for our annual Strategy Trip.

Design and Research Strategist

Urgent.Agency is a small design studio in Copenhagen, Denmark focused on culture design, brand strategy, and placemaking. In short, I joined Urgent and the Nordic community broadly because of the rich craftsman design history of the area. I met some amazing experts in typography, wayfinding, brand strategy, and user research - all areas that I previously had almost 0 experience in.

anand cutting something

What I focused on

Futures Lab Workshop

A newspaper template with fill-in-the-blanks to understand workshop participants' ideas for the future of a university's brand


An exploration into adding motion and interactivity to our studio website


A brand-new blogging platform with a distinct editorial feel


An internal productivity tool that changes interfaces every hour of the day

Some smaller projects

  • Conducting user interviews at a large public instituition
  • Researching new/modern formats for impact reporting
  • Coding a storytelling site around climate change
  • Proposing brand promises for an international hardware company
  • Organizing an internal Iron Chef competition and bonding event

Please reach out for more info.